Greetings, my name is K1(K ONE).
I know its kind of an odd name, it’s actually Persian and means Saturn like the planet.

Let me introduce myself and Rainmakers –

I come from an entrepreneurial family, I grew up with my father as my role model. He was a banker and real estate developer and introduced me early to the game of sales and closing. I started to learn from him at the early age of 5.

I still remember on of the first businesses I decided to start, I was still a kid and had asked my parent to help me make ice cream so I could sell it. Where I grew up it was considered bad form, it gave the impression that the family was so poor that the children had to work to make ends meet.

This wasn’t the case, even at that age, I had come to love the game of business and sales.

We built Rainmakers because of an old saying: ‘If you want to get the job done, done right and done fast, do it yourself. But if you want to do it forever, do it with a team’

There is always more value in a team, or as Ray Dalio says: “You will never know if you are wrong unless you have people with a different view in the room with you.”
The team is one family, We sometimes disagree with one another but we always go that extra mile for our clients, This is part of the Rainmakers culture. Everyone shows eachother new ways to see things.

Integrity, Honesty, Transparency, Loyalty, and adding value. These are my core values, these are the values that make Rainmakers. Family always comes first which is why we refer to everyone within Rainmakers as a second family.