RainMakers Corporation is a global investment firm focusing on IPOs, Mergers and Acquisitions on exclusive investment opportunities that provide healthy returns without any stress. We’re RainMakers in 20+ countries. As we’re building a global brand, our mission is to provide investors access to highly profitable deals without them having to find the deal, fund the entire deal, close the deal, manage the firms/businesses, find a buyer when they want to sell (here we’ll be your first buyer if we’re already in business together), and everything else in between.

Most investors don’t have access to a team of financial, legal, finance, and consulting
management professionals to make sure everything runs smoothly. This makes it
impossible for most individual and institutional investors alike to really reap the rewards of investing with us in our deals.
Along with providing the best services for our clients, we started RainMakers
Corporation to give investors (from our family & friends to massive foreign funds)
access to lucrative deals in different industries and different countries.
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